A new work on paper

Watercolours on paper, 24 x32cm.
WP_20171219_22_15_38_Pro (2)


“Sich innig anschauen #2” Gemälde


Painting 2016

It is difficult to express in words what you have already expressed with your work, in the painting.

I think a work of art either speaks to you or does not.
What can I tell you about this painting? Almost nothing. I did not want to write a novel, nor an Essay.

I think, the only important thing is if I did a good work. And if this work is capable of transmitting you an emotion.

Alessandro Chiodo, 2016. Oil, Acrylics, Pigments on Canvas, 80x80cm

Another painting

Well. Here is a painting representing two faces in profile. I painted many works like this. Every time I try to give an expression and a particular intensity to the face. The faces are drawn with a single contour line. Nonetheless, I wish they had a particular, intense expression.

I prefer strong colors in this series of works. But that does not mean that I can not paint a face of this series with others and more calm shades. When I draw on paper, before making a painting on canvas, very often I use pastel shades.

Alessandro Chiodo: two faces, 40 x 60cm, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas.

other works

2017-2014. Works on paper. Drawings: Pencil, Ballpoint Pen, Watercolour, Collage and other Materials. Sizes: ca. 23 x31 cm / 30 x42 cm / 54 x42 cm.

2017-2016. Drawings, Pastels and Watercolours on Paper.

2017-2015. Watercolours

2008. Watercolours

2017. Watercolours on paper. Size: ca. 21 x30 cm.